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Sex Crimes Attorney in Clarendon Hills, IL

Accused Of A Sex-Related Crime?

Ensure You Are Treated Fairly Under The Law

Sex crimes are taken seriously in Illinois, but no matter what crime you are accused of committing, you still have rights and freedoms. Gene Ognibene Associates values these rights above all else, defending those accused of sex crimes to ensure that they are treated fairly under the criminal justice system. We have worked with cases involving:

  • Criminal sexual abuse

  • Aggravated criminal sexual assault

  • Prostitution

  • Juvenile prostitution

  • Sexual relations with family

  • Predatory criminal sexual assault of a child

  • Pandering

  • Criminal transmission of HIV

  • Statutory rape

  • Obscenity

  • Exploitation

  • Human trafficking

Attorney Gene Ognibene is a former prosecutor, who has tried these very cases in DuPage County and throughout Illinois on the opposite side. Since 1998, he has practiced exclusively as a criminal defense lawyer and has helped hundreds of people in your situation obtain a positive outcome. If you have been convicted of any of these crimes, we can file for an expungement.

Charged With a Sex Crime?

You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty — Protect Your Rights

Far too often, the criminal justice system will assume your guilt based on a simple accusation. Without proper representation, you could be convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. Even if you are guilty, you may be given far harsher penalties than you deserve.

Our law firm vigorously defends our clients against all charges. We investigate each case thoroughly to be fully prepared for court and always explore every avenue of defense to get you the best possible result. We never negotiate a plea bargain unless it is in your best interests.

We are in Clarendon Hills near Hinsdale and Oak Brook and serve clients in DuPage County and throughout Illinois. Call our office today to get a free consultation, or send us an email to get started.