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Case Results

  1. Man facing 24-120 @ 50% for dissemination of child pornography in DeKalb County.
    Result: 14 days jail, no probation, no sex offender counseling.

  2. Man facing 18-90 years @ 85% for multiple counts of predatory criminal sexual assault in Cook County, 26th& California.
    Result: Charges reduced, zero days in jail and Sex Offender Probation.

  3. Man facing 30-120 Years @75% for trafficking multiple pounds of Crystal Meth in Bureau County, Illinois.
    Result: Charges reduced to possession with intent, plea agreement where defendant does 5 years.

  4. Man facing 20 years to life @ 100% investigated for predator criminal sexual assault and 1st degree murder in Will County.
    Result: man called before Grand Jury multiple times over 5-year period, no charges filed to date.

  5. Woman facing 6-30 years for armed robbery in Skokie, Cook County.
    Result: charged reduced, zero jail and probation.

  6. Man facing 15-30 years for multiple counts of aggravated battery and armed robbery in DuPage County.
    Result: finding of not guilty after trial

  7. Man with multiple felony convictions facing 6-30 years for Felony DUI and Drug Charges in DuPage County and Will Counties.
    Result: no prison time and drug court