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DUI & Traffic Violations Attorney in Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Skillful Defense Of DUIs & Traffic Violations

Illinois takes drunk driving and DUI seriously. If you face any of these charges, you could lose your license in addition to facing substantial fines and potential jail time:

  • DUI

  • Reckless driving

  • Vehicular homicide and manslaughter

  • Drag racing

  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license

  • SR-22 and insurance violations

  • Secretary of state reinstatement of driver’s license

Gene Ognibene Associates stands up for those arrested on suspicion of DUI or charged with traffic violations in Illinois. Our law firm has served Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills since 1998 and has helped a wide range of people in DuPage County and throughout Chicagoland and Illinois walk out of the courtroom without a conviction and with their licenses in hand.

You Can Fight Even
the Smallest Infractions

Your License, Career And Insurance Rates Are At Stake

Even a first-time offender may face fines, license suspension, and a jail sentence. As a repeat offender, the punishment may be even more severe if your charge is escalated to a felony.

Under 21 and pulled over on suspicion of DUI? You may be facing much more serious charges. If you or your child is arrested for underage drinking and DUI, don’t hesitate to contact our firm immediately to start your free consultation.

Don’t be tempted to give in to the prosecution without a fight, hoping for a reasonable deal. That deal may never come. Our law firm thoroughly investigates every case and will always vigorously advocate for you in the courtroom. Either by acquittal at trial or through artful negotiation, we are often able to walk you out of the courtroom with no consequences whatsoever.

When The Stakes Are High, Trust Gene Ognibene Associates

As a DuPage County prosecutor, attorney Gene Ognibene has handled thousands of traffic citations, including DUI cases. This, coupled with over 20 years of defense experience, gives our law firm a unique perspective into building an effective DUI defense.

Whether a minor violation or a serious offense, you need a trusted DUI lawyer by your side. Gene Ognibene Associates is here to get you results. Call our office today to begin discussing your case during a free initial consultation or reach us online to schedule your appointment.