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DUI Charge? Your Restricted Driving Permit Eligibility

Aug. 10, 2018

Unfortunately, after a night of drinking, you made the decision to drive while intoxicated. An Illinois court charged you with a DUI, and you are concerned as to how you will sustain yourself without a license.

In Illinois, you have the ability to apply for a restricted driving permit (RDP). If the court finds that a license suspension would bring undue hardship to your circumstances, a judge may consider you eligible for an RDP. It is essential that when dealing with license suspensions and a DUI charge, you must contact an experienced attorney that works to help you maintain certain driving privileges.

RDP requirements in Illinois

For the court to deem you eligible for a restricted license, your DUI circumstances must prove that you are able to safely and legally operate a vehicle. If you injured another driver or a pedestrian, damaged property or assaulted an officer, the court may deem you less eligible for an RDP.

In addition, those allegedly committing DUI offenses for the first time may also prove more eligible for an RDP. If you have a record of multiple DUI offenses, a judge may not grant your request to drive with a restricted license.

Identifying your need for an RDP

Restricted licenses prove to help those that have a need for driving. Restricted licenses in Illinois allow drivers to:

  1. Drive at certain times of the day

  2. Drive to designated destinations

  3. Drive in only specific areas

In determining specific destinations and times, a court may look at your medical and work circumstances. You must prove that it is necessary for you to have a restricted license to:

  • Drive to work

  • Drive family members or yourself to medical appointments

  • Drive yourself to DUI court-ordered courses

  • Drive yourself to enrolled schooling

In order to accurately state your case, you want to hire an attorney. A restricted driving license can provide you the opportunity to continue your normal life, and you want the best representation for your circumstances.