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Illinois laws set harsh penalties for drug possession cases

Drug charges can come in a variety of forms, but drug possession charges are one of more common infractions. When you are charged with possession, you are facing a difficult criminal court process and possibly some hard choices.

In order to make decisions about your case, you need to know some basic information pertaining to Illinois drug possession laws.

Felony charges for possession

One of the most important things to remember is that many drug possession charges are felonies. You are likely going to face a Class I felony for these charges. The amount of the drug you are said to have determines what possible incarceration term you will face.

  • Cocaine, LSD and heroin:
    • 15 to 99 grams: 4 to 15 years
    • 100 to 399 grams: 6 to 30 years
    • 400 to 899 grams: 8 to 40 years
    • 900 grams or more: 10 to 50 years
  • Morphine:
    • 15 to 99 grams: 4 to 15 years
    • 100 to 399 grams: 6 to 30 years
    • 400 to 899 grams: 6 to 40 years
    • 900 grams or more: 10 to 50 years

Other drugs also come with possible prison terms. The type of charge you face and the incarceration period are determined by the type of substance and the amount. For example, anabolic steroid possession in any amount is a Class C misdemeanor that comes with a possible 30-day jail term.

An alternative charge

It is possible for some individuals who are facing possession charges to avoid going to prison. Illinois has a Drug Court program that helps to address the underlying problem of addiction often relevant in possession charges. This is a dedicated program only available in non-violent cases and to people who are willing to get help.

The program is overseen by the court and the participants report to probation officers who help to ensure they are remaining in compliance with the terms. The participants must go through a rehabilitation program, comply with random and frequent drug tests, hold a steady job and stay out of legal trouble.

Make intelligent and informed decisions about your drug possession charges. Your options might not be the same as another person in a similar circumstance so arm yourself with legal knowledge about your unique case.

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