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What is the most severe felony class in Illinois?

Being accused of felony crimes can expose a person to severe consequences. This includes the possibility of big fines, prison time and having a felony on one’s record.

It is important to note though that not all felony charges are equal here in Illinois. There are five different classes of felonies in the state. They are: Class 4, Class 3, Class 2, Class 1 and Class X. These classes vary greatly in the penalties connected to them.

The most severe of these classes is Class X. Examples of things that could lead to a person facing charges at this felony level include being accused of homicide, aggravated sexual assault or battery with a deadly weapon.

How much prison time can be given for this class of felony? Typically, the minimum prison sentence for this type of felony conviction is 6 years, while the maximum is 30 years.

However, there are circumstances in which an even harsher sentence could be given. Certain Class X felony convictions trigger extended term sentencing. Individuals convicted of an extended term Class X felony will generally face a prison sentence of 30 to 60 years.

Another thing worth noting is that periodic imprisonment, impact incarceration and conditional discharge are not allowed for Class X felony convictions.

As this underscores, the stakes in Class X felony cases are exceptionally high. So, when these serious felony charges are on the table, it is very important for accused individuals to understand what options they may have for fighting to get the charges dismissed or reduced.

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