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Illinois Valley police report their biggest meth seizure ever

Two men face prison terms of up to 60 years after 19 pounds of methamphetamine was allegedly discovered in the Ford SUV they were traveling in. The drugs were found during a routine traffic stop on Interstate 80 in the Illinois Valley on the morning of Oct. 25. Due to the size of the drug haul, which is thought to be the area's largest methamphetamine seizure ever, the men have been charged with Class X felony counts and face longer prison terms and cannot be sentenced to probation.

The two men were taken into custody after their Ford Edge SUV was pulled over for an unspecified traffic violation in Bureau County near Spring Valley. While they were being questioned, a K9 unit is said to have alerted while conducting an air sniff around the vehicle. This prompted officers to impound the SUV and transport it to a Princeton Police Department facility for a more rigorous inspection.

What are juvenile status offenses?

Juvenile courts in Illinois often handle what are known as "status offenses." These are activities deemed unlawful because of an offender's age, such as possession or consumption of alcohol, truancy and curfew violations.

Criminalizing certain behaviors for juveniles is based on the idea that these activities are harmful for the juvenile, and the state should protect them from these behaviors. Laws regarding juvenile status offenses exist in all 50 states.

Illinois police claim Alton home was used to deal drugs

Police in Illinois charged a 27-year-old man with felony counts of dealing drugs within 500 feet of a school and 500 feet of a church on after searching his Alton residence on the morning of Oct. 4. Officers from the Alton Police Department and the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System were involved in the search and arrest.

An APD representative says that the search of the Central Avenue home came after an investigation lasting several months. Police became interested in the property after receiving a letter from a neighbor who claimed that it could be being used to sell drugs. The APD says that it also received several anonymous phone calls echoing the claims made in the letter. Following the search, officials from the city's Housing and Code Enforcement Division declared the house unsafe and uninhabitable.

Illinois has serious penalties for driving under the influence

Choosing to operate a motor vehicle after drinking increases the risk of a collision or crash. It is also against the law, and Illinois law enforcement on the roads actively seek to catch and prosecute those impaired behind the wheel. Typically, anyone driving in a suspicious manner could wind up stopped by law enforcement for a field sobriety test.

Although field sobriety tests and even roadside chemical tests provide law enforcement with valuable tools, they are not infallible. People who were not impaired can still find themselves arrested and facing charges for a variety of reasons, including medical conditions and even failure of testing devices.

Three men arrested after cocaine, guns, masks found in car

Illinois authorities recently arrested three Wisconsin men after a law enforcement officer allegedly found cocaine, loaded firearms and masks in their vehicle. The incident occurred in Antioch.

According to the Lake County Sheriff's Department, one of its deputies executed a traffic stop on Route 173 near Lotus Avenue. The deputy discovered that the driver of the vehicle, age 24, was operating the car with a revoked driver's license. During a search of the vehicle, the deputy allegedly uncovered 15 grams of cocaine, 100 pills of alprazolam, three loaded guns, three heavyweight jackets, three monkey masks and a crowbar. The driver and his two passengers, ages 27 and 21, were arrested and transported to Lake County Jail for processing. Investigators believe they were en route to confront a group of people they were feuding with.

Can you save your license when facing an Illinois DUI charge?

Allegations of driving under the influence (DUI) in Illinois are serious criminal charges. Sometimes, people make mistakes that result in a DUI arrest. Other times, issues with the roadside sobriety test or even the performance of a Breathalyzer test could result in the wrongful arrest of someone who was not, in fact, impaired.

People often fixate on the potential for jail time or probation when they worry about the consequences of a DUI offense. There is another issue, which can be problematic for professionals and parents alike.

Breathalyzer tests don't say for sure if a driver is drunk

Those who are stopped while driving on Illinois or other state roads could be asked to take a Breathalyzer test. Regardless of the result of the test, a person could be taken into custody and charged with drunk or impaired driving. It is important to note that the result of the test is not the sole piece of evidence that gets a person charged or convicted.

Instead, it is used as one component to a case against a driver. This is because alcohol is not necessarily absorbed into the bloodstream right away, which could influence the result of the test. If a person has a breath mint or has vomited before the test, it may also skew the results. Under implied consent laws, a driver must submit to a urine, blood or Breathalyzer test. Failure to do so could result in additional penalties even if the driver is not found guilty of the DUI charge.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for Illinois man

A routine traffic stop on the afternoon of Aug. 17 led to felony drug charges for a 28-year-old Illinois man according to a report from the Evanston Police Department. detectives say that they became suspicious when they detected the odor of marijuana coming from the man's black Dodge SUV. A subsequent search of the vehicle is said to have led to the discovery of a loaded semiautomatic handgun and 23 green pills that were later determined to be MDMA, which is also known as ecstasy.

The detectives involved say that they were on a routine patrol when they observed the man's car make a turn without signaling at about 2:30 p.m. on West Howard Street in Evanston. Detectives claim to have discovered less than a gram of marijuana when they searched the man, but probable cause searches of his vehicle and female companion were more fruitful according to reports. Police say that a Sig Saur handgun was found under the driver's seat and 23 green pills were found in the woman's pockets. The man is said to have admitted to detectives that the gun and drugs were his.

Man and woman busted with 50 grams of meth

On Aug. 9, Illinois authorities arrested a man and a woman for allegedly possessing crystal methamphetamine with the intent to deliver. The arrests took place in Warren County at around 12:30 p.m.

According to the Galesburg Police Department, the defendants, a 32-year-old Monmouth man and a 23-year-old Roseville woman, were driving a vehicle on East Main Street on Aug. 8 when an officer passed them and tried to confirm that the vehicle's driver matched the registration. This prompted the driver of the vehicle to slow down and pull into the parking lot of an inn on North Public Square. The officer checked to see if the defendants were registered guests at the inn and discovered that they weren't. He then approached them and asked to search the vehicle. The male defendant reportedly declined his request. A police dog was then brought to the scene and allegedly indicated that drugs were in the vehicle. The vehicle was seized, and a search warrant was obtained the following day.

DUI charge? Your restricted driving permit eligibility

Unfortunately, after a night of drinking, you made the decision to drive while intoxicated. An Illinois court charged you with a DUI, and you are concerned as to how you will sustain yourself without a license.

In Illinois, you have the ability to apply for a restricted driving permit (RDP). If the court finds that a license suspension would bring undue hardship to your circumstances, a judge may consider you eligible for an RDP. It is essential that when dealing with license suspensions and a DUI charge, you must contact an experienced attorney that works to help you maintain certain driving privileges.

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